Playing with “s” sounds while teaching about natural history, Sojourne Snail’s Sounding Saga follows a day in the life of a snail. Presented through alliteration and tongue-twisting narration, this children’s book shares a host of valuable information about the standing, sliding, swinging, swimming, and sometimes-channeling-in-sand gastropods.

Sojourne is a recognizable Pacific snail adorned with beautiful colors and a distinct sideband that embellishes her shell’s spiral. Her movements are mostly graceful, causing light to sparkle from her skin’s mirrored, glassy surface.

With QR codes included, this picture book for children shares Sojourne’s story while stimulating the development of curiosity and self-motivation in young children.

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Sojourne Snail’s Sounding Saga

Sojourne Snail’s Sounding Saga